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Approximately 6.3 million animals are put into shelters every year, about 920,000 of those will be put down and deemed unfit for saving. But every dog deserves a second chance every dog deserves to be loved. It is not a dogs fault for their behaviors, it is because we as humans have failed them. At Wiley’s Wish Rescue we believe that every dog is entitled to a chance, we don’t select dogs based on breed, or color or age. We save the dogs that need it and give them a second chance. Within the rehab program we will be training and working with the all animals to give them the best chance they have. Including starting the process of turning dogs into service dogs and pairing them with veterans. We work with several other organizations to provide this service and partner with them in finding veterans that need service dogs: from PTSD to allergy detection and every other type of service that we can train. Wiley’s Wish Rescue doesn’t only focus on dogs, we also rescue cats, horses, cows and all other kinds of animals. As long as we have room, we will be saving animals.

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